Center for innovation

Center for Innovation a copyright applied concept under Indian copyright act 1957 is a platform which complements existing education structure of both theoretical and practical aspect of engineering. Thrust is on implementing learning by doing. We call it “Practical Engineering “  

Center for Innovation (CFI ) is an R&D and Training Lab set up at engineering institution Pan India upon an MoU with Barola Technologies. 

CFI will act as an In-house R&D unit of the college to take up challenges of emerging technologies, skilling with required industrial tools, career oriented

Barola Technologies will set a innovation lab with its patent applied tools and equipment at its cost. Upon setting up of Lab, Barola Technologes in coordination with college will form an innovation team who would be working on different areas of emerging technology such as Drones, Health-care,Artificial Intelligence, Wearable Technology, IoT, Agriculture Management.

In House Research

In House Training

Industry Institute collaboration funded projects

Working on patent applied tools

Joint Patents

Industry Required SKill Sets

Technology Specific R&D , Training , Internship and Projects

Artificial Intelligence | Drone | Deep Learning | Internet of Things (IoT) | Machine Learning | Wearable Technology

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