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Drone Internship
7 and 15 Days Certified Practical Internship

Imagine the fantastic opportunities that await you in the field of Drone Technology! Our hands-on Drone Internship Programmes, available in 7-day and 15-day modules, will help you reach new heights and achieve your goals. Both internships offer a fantastic opportunity to understand the UAV industry comprehensively, from exploring its vast applications to acquiring practical knowledge and insight into Indian Drone Regulations.


The 7-day internship is an excellent opportunity for those who want to gain a quick and comprehensive insight into Drone Technology. You'll have the chance to create Barola's award-winning non-powered RC glider and a multi-rotor drone, all while delving into the exciting world of microcontroller programming. You'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the exciting world of UAV technology quickly, and upon completion, you'll receive a valuable internship certificate.


The 15-day module builds upon the strong foundation established during the 7-day internship. It offers exciting new technological possibilities, including integrating sensors for disaster management, healthcare, agriculture, and weather monitoring applications. This module provides exciting learning opportunities about creating Android mobile applications for Bluetooth control and working with IoT platforms. As an addition to the existing content, you'll have the fantastic opportunity to control a drone using just your mind!


Whether you choose the 7-day or the 15-day internship, you'll have the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the latest trends and developments in the drone industry and acquire practical skills in drone fabrication and programming. Enrol today and discover how our Drone Internship Programme can enhance your technical knowledge.

 Day 1

Overview of UAV Industry, Applications, and Indian Government Drone Regulations

Day 2-3

Hands-on Experience in Crafting Barola’s Award-Winning Non-Powered RC Glider

Day 4

Practical Session on Multi-Rotor Drone Fabrication

Day 5-6

Introduction to Microcontrollers and Embedded Programming for Drones

Day 7

Program Review, Testing, and Certification

Discover What You'll Learn with Our Day-by-Day Summary!

7 Days Drone Internship  - Barola Technologies

Day 1: Introduction to UAV Industry & Applications Day one imparts an in-depth understanding of the UAV industry, its evolution, contemporary trends, and various applications such as aerial mapping, surveillance, healthcare, power line inspection, agriculture, and many more.

Days 2 & 3: Fabrication of Non-Powered RC Glider On the second and third day, you'll gain practical experience fabricating Barola's award-winning non-powered RC glider, learning about its various components, assembly, and optimization for enhanced flight characteristics.

Day 4: Multi-Rotor Fabrication The fourth day introduces you to multi-rotors, their roles in the UAV industry, and provides hands-on experience in multi-rotor fabrication. This includes understanding the components, their assembly, and flight control systems.

Days 5 & 6: Introduction to Microcontrollers & Application-Based Programming On the fifth and sixth day, you'll be introduced to microcontrollers and their applications in the UAV industry, including the various types of microcontrollers and their specifications. Hands-on programming of a microcontroller for a specific application forms a key part of this module.

Day 7: Testing & Certification The final day concludes with testing of the controllers and programming learned during the internship, culminating in the issuance of a 7-day Drone Internship Completion Certificate.

Disclaimer: We are committed to maintaining the schedule; however, in both general and unforeseen circumstances, we may need to adjust, change, and modify the flow or topic to provide an optimal learning experience. We reserve the right to such modifications. we appreciate your cooperation and understanding in such situations.


For 7 Days Internship

 Rs 1,999/- per student (For students’ registration between 5 & 6 members).

For 15 Days Internship

Rs 3,999/- per student (For students’ registration of 5 & 6 members).

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This is my first internship..i have attended the 7day internship.It has a good infrastructure include spacious rooms,the faculties were excellent in training and they are all so friendly... interesting practical session was given..i would recommend this company for worthful internships :)

- Riyavarshini

it was nyc experience wit them.....and best ever internship i had visited.the trainers who was there was also well trained and lovely brothers give them full effort to understand the concept.....THANK YOU for the wonderful time wit u.......

- Bhuvanesh

The staffs are friendly with us,while we are doing an internship for 15 days on drones subject. They taught us how easily we can make with the locally available materials.many can say we can learn that from YouTube etc.,but for practical experience they'll let you do the models.learned knowledgeable from them.Thanks to the barola team😊.

- Anto

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