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ML based Garbage Waste disposal & leaf disease classification with Open Computer Vision &Python

About Workshop:

Garbage disposal uses the TensorFlow Lite inference library to locally classify the captured image against the pre-trained ImageNet model. This model is good at recognizing categories that it was trained with. You can use a smartphone to search on Google for the requested target image and put it in front of the Pi camera.

The workshop presents leaf disease diagnosis using image processing techniques for automated vision system used at agricultural field. The proposed decision-making system utilizes image content characterization and supervised classifier type back propagation with feed forward neural network.


The main objective of this workshop is to make the citizens of India to undergo SWACHH BHARAT initiative.

The main objective of this workshop is to identify the disease in the leaves and notify to the farmers so that they can give the corresponding pesticides to that leaves. It decreases the nearby leaves affection in a short period of time. Using image processing we can easily spot the affected area in the leaves. In reference the normal leaves are taken for the comparison purpose so that we can easily identify the affected leaves. Increase the database the accuracy will be high, images taken for the comparison should not be affected with any of the disease.

Technology and Tools Used:

· TensorFlow lite

· OpenCV

· Python

· Camera

· BPN-FF training

· Imageprocesssing

· NumPy

Workshop Module:

· Software installation

· Machine learning algorithms classification

· Programming of classified algorithms

· Image processing techniques

· Programming of leaf disease classification


To get knowledge about Hybrid spatial features which involves colour features and texture descriptors

Workshop date will be updated soon!

Want to conduct this workshop at your institution? Call our workshop support team on 04443558646 for more details.

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