Barola’s flight controller is an onboard computer which combines control information from the pilot and sensor information to adjust the thrust at each propeller and fly the Drone as desired for various applications.


Barola’s flight controller is compatable for bi,tri,quad and hexa copter , which can be done by flashing the firmware of each modes of flight.


It has 6 axis auto stabilizer for controlling and flying the quad more stable. It has some additional mode for stable fly for a noob to pro , which are level mode and acro mode. Some of the additional features are On time Duration alert ,indication LED, Low battery buzzer alert and Integration of Bluetooth Telemetry for correcting the PID values.


Compatibility :

Gliders & Multi-Copters, Barola's FSB could be used for various copters such as , Bi-Copter, Tri-Copter, Quad-Copter, Penta Copter, Hexa Copter and Octa Copter.




      50.8mm x 50.8mm x 12mm

      Microcontroller Unit

      Atmega328 P


      6 AXIS



      Input Voltage


      AVR interface

      Standard 6th pin

      Signal from Receiver

      1520us (6 channels)

      Signal to ESC



      • Made in INDIA
      • User Friendly and Customizable
      • Easy to correct PID algorithm.
      • Improved Stability and efficiency.
      • Integration of Bluetooth Telemetry.
      • Debug alarms.

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