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Gesture Control Drone | Gesture Control Quadcopter

Barola Technologies Patent applied Gesture Drone brings a way to accomplish Human Computer Interface for Drone & Aerial-Bot through gesture control for flying an aerial bot. Glove Force Technology for precision control that mirrors the movement of your hand. This intuitive control system is incredibly fun to fly and much easier to master than any conventional controller.

The Explorer features 6 axis gyro for an ultra stable flight experience and Maximum Flying Fun with radical 360 degree flips & rolls, throw launch. The idea is to reinvent and provide an alternate to the existing techniques of controlling an Aerial-Bot using joysticks, computer controlled etc. with more intuitive technique, that is, by controlling the Drone/Aerial-Bot with the help of hand gestures, which will make it more user friendly, as the user would not have to study or learn about different instructions to control different parameters of an Aerial-Bot, because these parameters will be controlled and adjusted with the help of Algorithm interfaced to the hand gesture inputs.


Gesture Control Drone | Gesture Control Quadcopter

    • Uses your hand gestures to fly/move
    • Easiest drone to fly – ever!
    • Perform incredible 360° flips at the touch of a button
    • Altitude lock and one button takeoffs and landing
    • Headless mode for easier control and performance
    • Six-axis gyroscope 2.4GHz four channel drone
    • Brightly colored LEDs around the drone body
    • Blade protectors included
    • Auto Flight Stabilization
    • Throw Launch
    • Interchangeable Battery
    • Low Battery Warning
    • Auto Take Off
    • 7.4v 750mAh Lipo Battery
    • 6 Axis Gyro
    • 360 Degree Stunt Flips
    • Flight time of 10-12 minutes
    • Range of 100 - 150 meters
    • Recharge time of about 60 minutes
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