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Project Guidance & Facilitation

Ideas into Action

At our Research and training facility, students undergo a process approach where the projects are done by themselves through tech support from our engineering who have guided over 2000 working concepts. Some of the projects have won best project award at Anna Univ and other premier institutions. Some are being patented internationally This process helps students to better under stand the concept and  present it in a better way to their prospective companies.  By doing so we eliminate the scope of ready made project culture which is a hindrance for  jobs.

Our Training Facility includes : • 2000 + sqft Research & Training facility in the heart of the city. • Air conditioned Workshop with Worktables  • Electronics Lab  • Machine Lab   • Software Lab  • Hardware Lab • Instrumentation Lab  • Air conditioned Lounge 


Modern technical training in industry is an integral part of engineering education development, it aims at providing the technical knowledge/Skills required for an industrial operations. Internship not only assists in better understanding of application of engineering in industry but it also helps in landing with better employability skills. As per AICTU, internships are mandatory for an engineering student.



7 Days


Day - 1

Introduction to UAV & Aero modelling

Day - 2

Fabrication of Award winning Rc Glider Model

Day- 3

Fabrication of Quad copter


India’s First Gesture Controlled MAV


India’s First Mind ­Controlled MAV


Introduction to Application based Sensor


Programming Sensors


₹1500 On-wards

Basic to Project based assessment

15 Days internship

15 days internship module provides students with unique opportunity to start from Fundamental and complete it with assessment. Students during their 2nd week of internship will be given a project to complete as a part of assessment program.


₹5500 On-wards



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An Eco System Of

Sustainable Innovation for efficient training.

Standards of innovation and knowledge to skill ratio for better employability.

Time taken to locate resource company like ours with rich tech expertise to create a PoC and prototype for your ideas

Ready Made Project Culture and plug and play kits for final year project.






Our Process is to

Do you know ?

Your project matters a lot and it says a lot about your skills during the time of interview process.As per a report a student does not land a job as most of the final year project are bought from the ready made market or outsourced.

Project Facilitation and Guidance

Our Engineers at Barola’s R&D and Training wing with experience of training over 41000 engineering students and guided over 2000 Research based working projects are equipped to support students on their ideas by converting them into a working prototype. Project will be done by students, who will be trained and assisted technically by our award winning tech team.


Our focus has always been on imparting hands-on skills, if you happen to have a Mini/Major Project idea please feel free to reach us, our expert tech team will guide students to complete the process of design and fabrication by themselves.

Some of projects we assisted students have won best project award under Anna Univ, and some of the students projects are being patented internationally.

We support students on


Our Training Facility includes

• Air conditioned Workshop with Worktables  • Electronics Lab  • Machine Lab   • Software Lab  • Hardware Lab • Drone Lab • Under Water Test Lab  • Air conditioned Lounge

Technology Specific R&D , Training , Internship and Projects

Artificial Intelligence | Drone | Deep Learning | Internet of Things (IoT) | Machine Learning | Wearable Technology

Barola Technologies : #27/11, First Floor, T.Nagar, Chennai-17
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