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Internet of Things (IOT) Internship
7 and 15 Days Certified Practical Internship

Explore the fascinating Internet of Things (IoT) field with our hands-on Internship programmes, available in a streamlined 7-day module or an in-depth 15-day module. Each day of our program is carefully structured, offering a blend of theoretical understanding and hands-on practical sessions on crucial IoT elements, including Embedded Systems, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, and Digital and Analog sensors.

The 7-day program swiftly moves from the basics of IoT and Embedded Systems to hands-on sessions with Atmega 328p Microcontroller, exploring digital and analogue I/O peripherals, working with logic operators, and an introduction to IoT data monitoring with ESP01 WiFi module and DHT11 sensor.

Taking a step further, our 15-day program deep dives into controlling the ESP01 module using AT commands, creating an account on the Cloud platform and even developing an Android mobile application. The programme ends with an exciting real-time IoT project, providing you with an opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained.

This practical training is an excellent opportunity to learn by doing and acquire the necessary skills to excel in IoT. It will serve as a springboard for your journey towards success. You will be certified Upon completing the internship, acknowledging your skills and knowledge gained throughout the program.

Day 1: In this opening session, participants will explore the fundamentals of the Internet of Things (IoT), embedded systems, microcontrollers, microprocessors, and Barola's Atmega 328p Microcontroller. The significance of these components in IoT applications will be highlighted.

Day 2: This session provides hands-on experience in soldering and working with digital input/output peripherals such as push buttons and LEDs. Participants will gain practical knowledge of programming these peripherals using the Arduino IDE.

Day 3: This day is dedicated to the understanding and application of logic operators in coding, particularly in real-world programming scenarios. Participants will engage in practical exercises to implement logic operators in IoT-focused projects.

Day 4: Participants will delve into the realm of analog sensors and analog input, crucial elements in IoT systems. The session will explore various types of analog sensors and demonstrate how to interface them with the Atmega 328p Microcontroller.

Day 5: This session will teach participants to integrate the ESP01 WiFi module with the Atmega 328p Microcontroller. Participants will also use the DHT11 sensor to gather environmental data and monitor it through an IoT platform.

Day 6: Participants will apply their acquired knowledge and skills to a real-world IoT project. This task-based session is designed to showcase participants' understanding and practical application of the course content.

Day 7: On the concluding day, participants will have an opportunity to address any outstanding queries or seek clarifications regarding the topics covered during the course. Upon successful completion of the IoT internship module, participants will receive a certification.

Discover What You'll Learn with Our Day-by-Day Summary!

Day 1

Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT), Embedded Systems, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, and Barola's Atmega 328p Microcontroller

Day 2

Practical session on soldering techniques and learning about digital input and output peripherals

Day 3

Introduction to the use of logic operators in coding, with a focus on real-time application-based programming

Day 4

Introduction to analog sensors and exploring analog input concepts

Day 5

Integration of the ESP01 WiFi module and DHT11 sensor; monitoring IoT data

Day 6

Engaging in a task based on a real-time IoT project

Day 7

Testing and certification of learned skills and concepts

7 Days Internet of Things Internship - Barola Technologies

Disclaimer: We are committed to maintaining the schedule; however, in both general and unforeseen circumstances, we may need to adjust, change, and modify the flow or topic to provide an optimal learning experience. We reserve the right to such modifications. we appreciate your cooperation and understanding in such situations.


It is good to learn and we gain so much of knowledge from in this internship. Thank you for teaching us

- Fathima

I joined an internship based on machine learning for a week. It was very useful. Learnt a lot of things which i had no idea of. The staff here were very kind and were able to answer any types of doubts that we had. There are many different programs available here. Would recommend this place to everyone who want to gain knowledge.

- Alexandre Francis

This company offers best hands on training and makes u experience learning in a new way. Experienced and friendly mentors makes the place more comfortable to work with. Well equipped place. Overall the number of hours u spend here will be worth for the money and time. Best for the first internship experience.

- Shrinivasan


For 7 Days Internship

 Rs 1,999/- per student 

For 15 Days Internship

Rs 3,999/- per student 

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