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Face Detection & Facial Recognition Using Home Surveillance System


The Objective Of Our Workshop Is To Design Software That Can Detect Human Faces From An Image And Security System. For Face Recognition, An Image Will Be Captured By Pi Camera And Preprocessed By Raspberry Pi Like Converting, Resizing And Cropping. Then Face Detection And Recognition Are Performed. Once The Face Is Recognized By The Classifier Based On Pre-Stored Image Library, The Image Will Be Sent To A Remote Console Waiting For House Owner’s Decision.

Technology And Tools:

Image Processing,

Machine Learning,



Raspberry Pi,

Vnc Viewer

L298 Motor Driver.

Image for Rep purpose.

Workshop Content:

Software Installation

Open Cv | Numpy |Python| Installation of Software Used Pip Command Prompt

Open Cv Image Processing

Python Programming |Read Camera Frame | Bgr To Gray |Bgr To Hsv | Lower & Upper Red Color Image Mask | Interface With Usb Camera

Face Detection and Facial Recognition Using LBPH Algorithm

Face Detection Using Harscade .Xml File | Face Dataset | Face Training Using Lbph

Algorithm Face Recognition

Surveillance Taser Robot Interface with Raspberry Pi

L298 Motor Driver Interface With Dc Taser Gun | Raspberry Pi Interface With L298 | VNC Viewer

Face Door Lock System:

L298 Motor Driver Interface With Dc Motor | Raspberry Pi Interface With L298 | VNC Viewer


The Implemented Fully Automated Face Detection And Recognition System (With An Eye Detection System) Could Be Used For Simple Surveillance Applications Such As Atm User Security, While The Implemented Manual Face Detection And Automated Recognition System Is Ideal Of Mug Shot Matching.

Workshop date will be updated soon!

Want to conduct this workshop at your institution? Call our workshop support team on 044-43558646 for more details.

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