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About Workshop:

Gesture control (also known as Accelerometer Controlled Drone) deals with drone which involve human-machine interaction - where a drone is controlled through hand movements sensed by an accelerometer. The workshop helps students to understand the concepts and applications of an accelerometer sensor, Micro-Controllers and other electronic components used in Drone. It includes practical training on building Drone based on gesture recognition technology, providing students a glimpse into Human Machine Interaction technologies.


The objective is to give exposure about Human Machine Interaction technologies and to showcase that controlling drone is not an exorbitant task. The consecutive objective is to use gesture technology in healthcare for fully/partially paralyzed.

Technology & Tools Used:

· ATMEGA 328 Microcontroller

· Force sensor

· MPU6050

· Gesture Technology

· Embedded Systems

· Drone

Workshop Content:

· Introduction to Wearable technology.

· Introduction to Wearable sensors.

· Hardware assembling.

· Programing of integrated sensor.

· Integration of gesture technology in Drones.


· Used to develop a virtual gesture control solution in medical field for the purpose of surgery.

Used to develop a Power electronic solution in industries to control trolley, lift, etc.

Workshop date will be updated soon.

Want to conduct this workshop at your college? Call our workshop support team on 044-43558646 for more details.

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