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Virtual Assistance Drone using IOT

About Workshop:

This workshop proposes to create a UAV (quad-copter) that is capable & recognizing of obeying users commands through voice that user uses to simulate and control the quad-copter through virtual assistance.


The main objective is to explore the available technologies to control quadcopter by using enhanced voice command. Voice command data are converted into integer number from 0 to 255 both significantly increase the Human and quadcopter interface. Algorithm written inside microcontroller allows to receive voice command and concerted to achieve an aim or deal with respective command and records the data in IOT.

Technology & Tool used:

· Drone

· IOT voice technology

· Virtual assistant

· NodeMCU

· Adafruit MQTT cloud Platform


Workshop Module:

· Microcontroller and LPF Integration

· Programming

· Integrating Virtual Assistant with IFTTT applet

· Creating Dashboard

· Integrating with applet

· Flying of voice-controlled Drone


· For military services in case of emergency SRC control drone acts as redundancy support system.

· Voice control technology is the most advanced superior mode of communication between human and machine interface.

Workshop Date will be updated soon!


Want to conduct this workshop at your college? Call our workshop support team on 04443558646 for more details.

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